Monday, October 7, 2013

keep at it, keep at it...

     For the record, this running thing truly is a challenge for me. I hurt my foot running last week and that took a little wind our of my sails. But, I'm in this thing and I will see it through, but it is hard to stay at it. Especially since running has been my nemesis for a very long time. Another little victory today though, I do a little cross fit/cross training work out with some guys and we always go run a lap around the building, typically, I'm in the top 5 or so, well, maybe top 10, but today, I came in first. I have never been the first when it comes to running, but today, I was.  One small victory for Nick, one giant leap in this mission to conquer running. So that little win has helped me keep going. So I will keep at it. 

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