Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Done and Getting Gone

Well we took off yesterday with our typical Tuesday afternoon run with a slight modification proposed by Nick and me. The guys were wanting to either run to the school and do the obstacle course again or put in a 6 mile loop that Ben mapped out. Since yesterday was Training Day 1, Nick and I proposed that the guys could do whatever they want but we would be peeling away at the 15 minute mark to run our way back to our vehicles. We caught a fair amount of flack from our guys (as well we should) for beginning training and immediately dialing back the intensity scale on our typical routine but I have no doubt the we will be happy we did so this time next month.

Bear in mind that  while each individual run will be scaled back (with the exception of every other Saturday), we will be running a lot more frequently. Repetition, especially wrong repetition, is a recipe for injury. The shorter, more frequent runs of our training program are designed to help us identify bad habits early and make the necessary adjustments before we start cranking up the distance.

It turns out that once we stuck our necks out and suggested a shorter run for the afternoon, everyone else followed suit. Except Jeff, when we turned around he just kept going. I’m not sure anybody knows exactly where he ended up.

The highlight of the afternoon was when we finished I asked Parker if he would take a picture of Nick and me for the blog. You know, first training run ceremonial type stuff. Nick was a minute or two behind us in finishing so we caught our breath and stretched a little while waiting on him. Trouble was, when Nick finished, he slowed to a walk, gave us each a high five and walked directly to his car and drove away! He didn’t say a word. He didn’t even take his headphones off! He was like a rockstar walking off stage and into the dressing room. And like his own personal groupie I did my best to get my phone out and snap a picture of him before he was gone.

This was the best I could do.

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