Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today Is The Day

Start Line of The Color Run: this was the first race I ever ran in.
They don't even keep time!
It was months ago now that we decided to run this race. Neither of us ever ran more than three miles at a time. Not on purpose anyway. And here we are:  Day 1 (well, technically day 3) of training. Our first official training run.

I’d love to make a bigger deal of it but the truth of the matter is that with all of the work we have put in up until now, all the weight loss, all the weight lifting, all the running and hydrating and running some more… all the nutrition, it’s just the beginning. We are about to double down. We are about to have to start cancelling plans or turning down invitations because Saturday is long run day. And somehow I’m OK with that.

So follow along, or better yet, come with us! You can see the training schedule posted here. I’ll do my best to post where we will be running and when we will be there whenever possible. We will be doing these shorter 30 minute runs all the way through our training as well so if you’re not a runner you can get up at any point and join us.

On most of the short run days we will be taking the out-and-back approach rather than running a loop. The training schedule calls for a 30 minute run so bring a watch, set it for 15 minutes, and get running! When the timer ticks down, turn around and start coming back. Theoretically runners of every fitness level should be both starting and finishing together with this approach. It’s always better with a buddy.  

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